I saw Sharan for help after suffering from four years of bad health and many operations and setbacks and was in permeant pain.  I was bordering on going into depression and was able to realise this and seek help.  Sharan was brilliant and helped me to realise that it was me that was putting all the pressure on myself and that my own mind talk was making the situation worse.  She also helped me learn how to use different coping techniques to learn to relax and manage the pain in a more positive way.  We also had a couple of sessions with me and my wife together to help us both understand the frustrations we were both having and how it was effecting both our lives.  Over the course of seeing her, she helped me come to terms with what has happened and it was not my fault, and more importantly seeing a brighter future with possibility’s out there.  In the end, I was able to come completely off morphine and return to full time employment, which I do not think would have been possible without our sessions.  I’m now looking forward to a brighter future and have come to understand my pain a lot better.  It will never go away but have learnt to manage it mentally with her help.