Meet Dr Gursharan Virdee…


Dr Gursharan Virdee is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


Born and brought up in London, Dr Gursharan Virdee, known by her colleagues and clients as Sharan, developed her interest in the study of the human mind and behaviour at an early age and went on to pursue her interests and completed her bachelor of science degree in psychology at Nottingham Trent University in 2003 gaining a First-class honours.  She then went on to work within the National Health Service working with clients and patients with complex mental health difficulties.  She successfully obtained a place on the practitioner doctorate clinical psychology programme at the University of Surrey qualifying in 2011.


Once qualified Sharan took up a role as a registered psychologist within St Georges University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and has since progressed her work both within the National Health Service and in private practice.   Her fundamental passion has been to work with patients, clients and employees to develop coping resources where they have presented with emotional difficulties such as stress, depression, anxiety and relationship problems.


Sharan’s clinical work experience is vast, and she has worked within a wide range of neurology services, which led her into further scientific enquiry of the brain and its functions, and the role of the brain in creating and maintaining emotional distress.  Her own interest in physical wellbeing has also developed her interests in how the body as well as the mind, develops and communicates emotional distress.


In the therapy room, Sharan pulls together the knowledge she has gained over the years of her dedicated scientific study of people, the mind, emotions and behaviour, going that one step further and integrating her knowledge of the brain, and the mind-body connection.


Outside of the therapy room, Sharan keeps her knowledge fresh by keeping up with the most recent scientific research which helps to understand how and why individuals behave the way they do and guides her clinical practices from methods that are evidenced to work.


Sharan is a grounded clinician who takes great pleasure with working alongside her clients, setting tangible and achievable goals for therapy sessions, always developed and agreed upon with her clients.  Sharan works with enthusiasm, openness, honesty and respect.  Her aim is to raise your emotional awareness, develop your insight into what drives your distress and inability to cope, and equip with you with tools and resources to enhance your coping and to build your emotional resilience.


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