How can therapy help you?


At Ebb and Flow we recognise that when you struggle to deal with your emotions this can leave you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, hopeless, helpless, tearful and lacking confidence.  We also recognise that you may go through periods of procrastination, self-doubt, fearing that you are failing yourself and others around you, and unable to relax.   These are all very natural and normal things to go through, but can become unhelpful if they go on for prolonged periods of time!


Do you recognise feeling this way?  Are these interfering in your ability to get on with day-to-day activities?  Are your relationships impacted?  Is this something that you want to move away from?


At Ebb and Flow we are skilled in working with these pains, providing you with a safe and confidential therapy space for you to cope with your emotions.   We work with you in an open, honest and respectful way to help you towards feeling, in-control, happy content, motivated, satisfied, focused, competent, capable and self-assured.



How does it all work?


Free 20-minute consultation

Ebb and Flow offer a free 20-minute consultation during which you can begin to discuss what is troubling you.  You can also use this time to explore Ebb and Flow services further, and decide if this is the help that you are looking for.



Agreeing a way forward

Ebb and Flow offer sessions…




Face-to-face meetings can be arranged with you in Covent Garden



We can provide you with therapy on the telephone or on a UK land line or mobile




We provide you online therapy via Skype




At the end of your free 20-minute consultation an assessment meeting is arranged which involves Ebb and Flow getting to know more about your main concerns.  This assessment is conducted through a series of questions about your current situation including any medical conditions, as well as collecting some information from your past.


The assessment is generally carried out over one or two meetings depending on the depth and breadth of your concerns, and each meeting lasting 50 minutes.


From the assessment meeting, a plan of what is most important to you, is discussed, agreed upon, and used to focus therapy sessions.




The number of therapy sessions will vary depending on your needs.  Clients are initially seen for ten sessions, excluding the assessment meetings, and therapy effectiveness is discussed as sessions progress.  In some cases, further sessions may be required; it is not unusual for Ebb and Flow to see clients for up to twenty sessions.


As well as private clinic, Ebb and Flow offer therapy sessions based in a community setting, which can be useful to explore strategies to help cope and manage with the issues identified during sessions.  An example where such work is useful is when working with clients with social-anxiety related difficulties.